Brake Fluid Reservoir Inspection

Completed: 8-8-2006

Swear Meter Rating of 1: Nasty caustic fluids, oh my.

For reasons unknown to me at this time I decided to have a peek in my brake fluid reservoir. I think now it had something to do with the fact that someone had cut the line to the brake fluid light indicator and I had just found where it was supposed to be and soldered it back together. I wanted to see if it worked. Anyway, there is a little orange cup in there with a little silver disc, and they were both disgusting. I removed all the pieces for a thorough cleaning, and this prompted me to seek help for a brake fluid flush, possibly to be discussed later.

No big deal here, just removed the parts, disassembled, cleaned, and reassembled. I tested the brake fluid sensor and it did light up when the float plunger went down, so hooray! Incidentally, brake fluid is sort of a pretty golden color, like ginger ale. It's not supposed to look like old coffee. *ahem*

The brake fluid reservoir is located in the trunk under the largest removable "plug." in the middle. There are fill lines on it just like any other fluid container. Use only DOT4 brake fluid in the DeLorean!