Antenna Fuse Holder Repair

Completed: 8-21-2006

Swear Meter Rating of 1: Lots of hoopla to keep it original.

So one day my antenna stopped responding and my reception went to crap. After some digging around in the panel behind the driver's seat (yes, there's one behind there too) I discovered the spring-loaded fuse holder was broken. It was attached to a plug so I could remove the top of the plug and use it for a reference to find a new one. I couldn't find the exact part # but I found a real cheap cluster of wires that apparently go somewhere else (possibly behind the stereo) but it had two of the holders I needed. So I set out to replace just the holder. I could go on about how oddly complicated I made this for myself in the pursuit of originality but the pictures tell most of that story for me. Basically I resoldered a new tip onto the cable after swapping out the plastic holder. Worked like a charm!